The Best Soup in New York

Soups are generally considered mere starters to set you off towards exploring the more exciting parts of your meal. However, that’s not always the case. There are chefs in New York who take great pride in their soup, and their challenge is that just the soup at their restaurants will make swinging by worth your time. Ready for such an adventure? Here are some of the best soups you will find anywhere in the city.

Assam laksa

Taste Good Malaysian, an obscure restaurant on Elmhurst Street in Queens, is true to its name, and assam laksa is one of its signature preparations. This fish broth blends the flavors of chilli and sour tamarind, and is topped with shredded sardines, rice noodles, onion, cucumber and mint. It s an exciting mix of flavors, and is quite substantial as a light meal in itself. To make your experience even better, the simple restaurant has a very pleasant and cheerful staff. The soup costs $5.75, and its exact address is 82-18, 45th Avenue, 83rd Street, ElmHurst, Queens.


If you find yourself hungry in Bronx, there is a sumptuous and wholesome meal waiting for you at 231st Street. The La Tia is no more than a tiny luncheonette, and the asopao is the signature dish here. A classic Puerto Rican meal, this rice stew consists of noodles and yellow rice drenched in chicken broth and zinged-up with fresh cilantro. It is served with a huge portion of tender chicken, and the entire meal is substantial enough for two. A small portion costs no more than $3.75, and the large portion is for $6.25. Could you get a healthy meal for less? The address is 200 West, 231st Street at Broadway, No 3 Bronx.

Soon dubu jigae

Head to Broadway for a soup experience from another far-off place of the world: South Korea. The soon dubu jigae (translated: Combination Soon Tofu), is a piping hot tofu stew served in a clay cauldron at the Seoul Garden. It is topped up with shrimp, mushrooms, squid and ground beef. It is spiked with the flavor of hot chilli, though, and is meant strictly for those who can take the heat! The soup costs $10.95, and the address of the Seoul Garden is 34 West 32nd Street, Between Broadway No2 and Fifth Avenue.


We go Russian now at the Varenichnaya, out in Brooklyn. The restaurant I a side-street joint, but like many such, it is a treat for food lovers. The pelmeni is a classic Russian chicken broth, consisting of chicken dumplings and minced dill. It is a light starter, so you will have space for a lot more, along with a bottle of BYO vodka. The soup is for $6.95, and the address of the restaurant is 3086 2nd Street, Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn.

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