The Best Candy Stores in NYC

Who among us isn’t blessed with a sweet tooth? Who doesn’t like to sink his teeth into some divine sugary delight and relish the satisfaction of each bite? Who among us can doesn’t go weak in the knees when confronted with an array of candies and chocolate treats, itching to buy up every single one of them and enjoy them at leisure? If you fit into the above mentioned category, you are a kindred soul and this article is meant for you.

In a place like Manhattan, candy stores are a dime a dozen. But for those of us who settle for nothing less than the best, this guide is essential.

Jacques Torres Chocolate

Chocolates made in New York with experience gained in France. No wonder the chocolates here are so good! The owner, Jaques Torres, personally makes each and every treat you find in this shop and while sampling some great stuff, you can even take a peek at the chocolate factory located within the shop and see exactly how the sweet delight in your mouth reached you. Apart from candies, you can also get the world’s best chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate made from real chocolate, not cocoa. Go binge!

Dylan’s Candy Bar

What happens when the daughter of a legendary designer turns her attention to making chocolates? You get Dylan’s Candy Bar! Brainchild of Ralph Lauren’s daughter, Dylan Lauren, this candy bar has several branches spread through NYC, Florida, and Texas. Apart from stocking her own brand of candies, she has a whole lot of other brands as well, including, sour gummies, chocolate, and sugar free delicacies.

The Sweet Life

When the store claims that ““Anything can be dipped in chocolate,” you have a store that becomes a haven for chocolate aficionados. A favorite among New Yorkers for more than two decades, Sweet Life specializes in gourmet chocolates, dried fruits, gummies, and special features like European candies and even vintage delicacies. It’s going to be tough deciding when to stop.

Michel Cluizel Chocolate

For lovers of fine chocolate, Michel Cluizel’s chocolates are the ultimate. Creator of exotic chocolates since the 40s, Michel Cluizel has carved a niche in the chocolate market and has a fan following that is loyal and ever increasing. Some of them have been around since this place starting serving its first chocolates.

MarieBelle Fine Treats

Chocolate lovers of the world unite and march towards MarieBelle Fine Treats for the artisan chocolates made by hand. There are more than 30 varieties for you to choose from and each chocolate has a high concentration of cocoa beans, for that blast of caffeine and ‘chocolaty’ goodness. For those who seek more than chocolates, there are a variety of tea blends and hot chocolate you can sip in the cold winter months.

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