Craigslist will now publish , “NYC’s Worst Landlords Watchlist”

Craigslist is attempting to give New York City a leg up on lousy landlords , for apartment hunters that use its sight.

Craigslist will now publish , “NYC’s Worst Landlords Watchlist” with names of landlords with a history of poor repairs. The Craigslist link is part of New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s plan to better inform tenants and hold landlords accountable for repairing rundown buildings.

The plan also would deprive landlords with questionable records of certain taxpayer subsidies. It also calls for a partnership with private law firms to provide pro bono help in housing court.

Another initiative would help landlords get access to capital so they could repair shoddy buildings more quickly. Another would cut red tape in the certification and inspection process

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