Alex Rodriguez might be dating Cameron Diaz

The grapevine in Hollywood is abuzz with the news that actress Cameron Diaz might be dating the New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez who is also popularly known as A-Rod. Alex has been linked with a bevy of beautiful Hollywood actresses which include Kate Hudson and Madonna. Diaz has had her fair share of famous boyfriends, which include Justin Timberlake, John Mayer and Adam Levine to name a few.

Since they have been spotted at the Creative Artists Agency Super Bowl party in February flirting with each other, rumors are awash that they have had secret meetings in Florida while Alex was doing his spring training.

There is also confusion over the fact whether the Charlie’s Angels star and her ex boyfriend Justin Timberlake are back together or not. The fact that the two have been seen bonding well on the sets of their newest movie Bad Teacher has not helped matters.

There are different versions on whether the relationship between A-Rod and Cameron Diaz is serious or casual with no one being able to provide sufficient proof of either at the moment although sources indicate that it might be a casual thing at the moment. As of now both are keeping the relationship under wraps and away from the probing eyes of the media.

Representatives for either of the two stars could not be reached for their comments about whether or not the rumors of the two dating each other was true or not.

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