A baby named ,Brooklyn

First Brooklyn was a city and then it became a borough, a place where a tree once grew and the Dodgers abandoned , a place where one contracted Saturday Night Fever .The Home of the Cyclone, Rockaway beach, Brooklyn Beer and Spike lee tried to do the right thing . Brooklyn is know for a whole lot good food and now it’s fast becoming the inspiration for Brooklyn the baby name. In 2010 the name was the 34th most popular for girls and the choice for 6,068 bouncing babies, according to Social Security Administration data.

However Brooklyn didn’t crack the top 100 names in New York, where more traditional Michael and Isabella led the pack.Out west, it’s an entirely different story. In Utah, South Dakota and North Dakota, the name was the sixth most common.It’s been a meteoric rise for Brooklyn, a name once ranked 177th in 2000 and it’s unclear what was the tipping point for the name’s nationwide popularity,

Some suggest that perhaps when soccer star David Beckham and Posh Spice named their son Brooklyn in 1999, or it could have been supermodel Brooklyn Decker, a DUMBO resident who married tennis star Andy Roddick ,but other disagree .Some feel its the overwhelming emotional connection to 9/11 but what ever it is the name Brooklyn is hot and according to Borough Brooklyn President Marty Markowitz.,”I’m just surprised it didn’t make the top 10,’… “The name connotes edgy, innovative and brash. What parent wouldn’t want to call their kid Brooklyn?”

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