Metropolitan Museum of Art NY

When you visit New York you must make time to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Located on Fifth Avenue, the museum is open every day except Monday. The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers its visitors the chance to experience over five thousand years of art within its walls.

The museum was started in 1870 by local businessmen and artists who wanted to provide a place for people to go and experience art in its entirety. The museum has grown extensively since its inception and now includes over seventeen different curatorial departments.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the finest and largest repositories for fine art in the world. The Egyptian Art collection rivals that of its counterpart in Cairo and the collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artwork is incomparable to any other.

The Museum now houses an American Artwork wing. This is the largest collection of authentic American art in the world. This wing of the museum is a new addition to the museum. Sculpture, paintings and many other types of art pieces can be viewed in this area.

When you visit the museum be sure to take the time to visit the Egyptian section. In this area you will find the oldest piece of artwork that the museum houses. These Archeulian Flints from the lower region of Egypt date back to the Paleolithic Period (300,000 – 75,000 BC). There are over 36,000 pieces in the Egyptian collection including a temple that was dismantled in Egypt and reassembled in the museum.

A trip to the Metropolitan Museum is an all day experience. You will find that within its walls is a history of mankind. Experience the flavor of the Renaissance and slip into the beauty of the Orient. From section to section you will find that you can immerse yourself in everything that is beautiful from every region of the world. The Museum is over two million square feet large and every inch has much to offer the visitor. The museum constantly rotates its art pieces to keep their displays fresh and new. Traveling exhibits and special displays are always going on at the Museum. Each trip to the Museum will allow you to find and experience something new.

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