His and Hers Exhibition

We all love fashion don’t we? Well now it’s time to understand it by participating at the His and Hers Exhibition in Manhattan. Featuring over 250 years of history, in 2010 both men and women will have the chance to esteem famous designers ‘work and past dress codes that have managed to evolve over the years. What was once a matter of royal appearance has been transformed into a world of expensive clothes, exquisite designers and fabulous fashion shows.

Coming from the Museum at FIT’s collection, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to appreciate over 100 amazing garments and accessories.  Some of the most famous names present at the display through their clothes will be Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent; presenting to the people some of their past collections, as well as vision for clothing, the event is a fabulous choice for those who want to sneak a peek into the revolutionary past of high fashion.

These days, it’s all about being trendy and dressing in style. His and Hers highlights first and foremost style and taste for quality clothes. Starting November 30th 2010, the show will be without a doubt one of the most awaited galas in New York.  Exploring feminine and masculine dress codes from the 18th century, Yves Saint Laurent brings to the table fantastic tailoring and superb clothes at the exhibitions. Furthermore, the idea of the entire event is to compare similarities from 20, 30 even 40 years ago with 21st century models.

If you already speak the fashion language, than it’s great because the exhibition will help you enlarge your horizons; in case, you’re not that familiar with brand cloths and expensive designers, than His and Hers will come up with valuable information that will make your personal style tasteful and impressive.

Timeline has always defined the fashion industry, and even if we try to dress in style, sometimes it’s not about expensive clothes it’s just about good taste. Having a personal designer in New York doesn’t come cheap, but who cares? Come to find out more about the real meaning of fashion and feel free to appreciate its marvelous evolution. From 20th century suites to women’s tuxedos, from black leather evening dresses to big sunglasses and exaggerated hats, His and Hers will definitely make your evening classy and stylish. The event is free of charge and everyone can attend; whether you’re a fashion guru or not, see for yourself what the entire exhibition is all about from November 30 to May 10 2011.

Museum Hours

  • · Tuesday-Friday – noon-8 pm
  • · Saturday –10 am-5 pm
  • · Closed Sunday, Monday

Museum at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)

  • Address: Seventh Avenue at 27th Street (7 Av/27 St) New York
  • Phone: (212) 217-4530

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