PROJECT New York 2011

PROJECT was launched for the first time in 2003 in the United Stated, and since then it has been ranked as one of the most significant fashion shows of all times. Held bi-annually in New York and Las Vegas, the event is all about promoting high fashion, style and elegance.

Project is the definition of chic in New York City where thousands of fans will be awaited to come and admire the extravagant exhibition. Some experts have named PROJECT as the “epicenter of fashion” because it’s genuine, authentic and of course, avant-garde. These days, the fashion industry is getting more and more fascinating and ingenious throughout society. In New York, the event will be held at 82 Mercer Street where hundreds of young and professional designers will show off their passion for art and sense of style. Those interested will have the chance to appreciate the show starting from January the 16th until the 18th.

Featuring contemporary brands and prestigious designers, the show already promises to be explosive. Global retailers will exhibit some of their best works that are filled with new ideas and ground-breaking patterns.

The one word that best describes Project is creativity. Unlike any other fashion event in New York, PROJECT has demonstrated over the years that the perfect combination of glamour has to do with personal style, flair and love for expensive materials.

Fans around the city cannot miss the event because it will be mind blowing. Captivating top fashion trends, brilliant retailers and fantastic atmosphere, the show will be magical. Since the world of haute couture is constantly evolving, the people must always be updated with the latest trends. Known as a “dream curator”, PROJECT is the raw meaning of quality clothes and modern designs.

The entire event is additionally committed to support local business and growing brands, as well as showcase to the world that great style can only be found in The Big Apple. Featured collections that will be exhibited in January include Joya, Silver Lining Opticians, Black Sheep & Prodigal Son, Ernest Alexander, David Hart and numerous others.

The venue will be fully equipped with computer stations, lounges, clothing lines, coffee stands and several other amenities which you’ll see on the spot. US clothing brands are extremely wanted these days; because of their exquisite tailoring and flawless material, they’ve managed to get to the top and beat other brands in terms of fashion. And since New York City is one of the top 5 fashion capitals of the word, here you’ll find everything you’ll need in order to feel like a real fashionista. All in all, PROJECT is a must-go event that needs to have longevity in the fashion industry.

  • Website:
  • Dates: 16 to 18 January 2011
  • Venue: 82Mercer
  • Address: 82 Mercer St, New York, 10013

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