New York Icon : DJ Alex Sensation

Javier Alexander Salazar born in Bogotá, Colombia, know as Alex Sensation immigrated to the United States at a young age. Influenced by his brother Johnny who was also a DJ. Alex began collecting music and at age 16 was already a disc jockey at various nightclubs. His big break came working at the world renowned Copacabana Nightclub.

While working at Copa, Alex was approached by Tony Luna back then was programmer for Caliente 105.9 FM, who heard heard Alex spinning and offered him a position as a DJ on the weekends, but only as a mixer. Alex took the job and remained with that station for about a year and a half until it switched names to Latino Mix. Within six months after that switch, he was offered a job as the main mixer of a segment called “La Mega Mezcla del Mediodía” at super station La Mega 97.9 FM. The rest is history, six years later Alex remains at La Mega 97.9 FM. La Mega is New York City’s top Latino station and DJ, Alex Sensation is the most popular and highest rated DJ on the station.

Besides his great mixing skills Alex Sensation is blessed with charisma and energy!! His great baritone voice projects its own sweet melody and sex appeal over the airwaves. Alex appeals to a broad audience that includes various nationalities. He enjoys mixing different genres, but his roots as a mixer are linked with Tropical music. He grew up listening to Salsa and Cumbia because of his roots. But one of the first clubs was a Dominican club. where he learned about the Dominican culture mixing ­­Bachata, Merengue, Merengue típico. His passion is everything within the Caribbean music, but Alex Sensation equals diversity and Alex Sensation is truly well versed in all markets.

Alex’s life revolves around music ,his family and his fans. Any night DJing you can witness Alex taking the time out to speak with as many of his loyal listeners as possible. Alex is clearly a person who has stayed true to who he is and has made sure to give back to the community. Not only is he heavily involved with the community and various charities, he also participates every year in the Puerto Rican and Dominican Parades, Colombian festivals where he has been named “Padrino Local” (Local Godfather) and the “Paz para Colombia” walk/rally in New York City. Alex is also a true advocate to help the needy, children, education, and recently participated in a special fundraiser for the National Latino Commission on Aids with the President, Dennis de Leon and helped raise a substantial amount of monies for this charity. Alex received an ACE Award (the Association of Latin Entertainment Critics).

You can listen to Alex Sensation on La Mega 97.9 FM ,Monday thru Friday 11AM – 3PM and Saturdays 8PM – 12 AM. Alex is also a member of the DJ Kings crew.

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