Galapagos Art Space

Galapagos Art Space is a unique venue in Brooklyn. Its mission ,no small order is to make the arts relevant in the advancement of society. The Galapagos does not accept government grants or public funding of any kind. They believe that if the Art work they present is strong, communicative,effective, and relevant it will survive.

Galapagos was founded on the principle that New Yorkers must lead and not be bystanders and place holders in the artworld. After all this is New York City. One of the greatest cultural cities to ever have risen; perhaps the greatest.

The model isn’t necessarily adaptable to every artistic endeavor.Consistently proving a model appropriate for the performing arts they don’t pretend to have a solution appropriate to painters or sculptors or small dance companies but they are working on that. In the meantime we do have an idea for theater.

Galapagos has become the venue of choice for the young ,cool and hip. Whether having a party,getting married Galapagos in Dumbo Brooklyn is the place .Called one of the coolest places to through a wedding reception It s a bit between a lounge and a typical Manhattan music venue. An industrial space ,the main floor is divided up into “seating islands” separated by water and connected by steel walkways.

Galapagos Art Space, 70 North 6th Street,DUMBO Brooklyn, NY 11211-3009 phone (718) 782-5188

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