Sarah Jessica Parker buys $21 Million Apartment

Sarah Jessica Parker who gained extreme fame with her outstanding role in “Sex and the City, has bought a whopping $21 million penthouse duplex in New York City. After searching for the perfect house for over 1 year, Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, actor Matthew Broderick finally decided to give this beautiful loft a chance.

The former owner of this stunning residence was Laurie Tisch, a famous philanthropist who finally decided to put the architectural masterpiece on the market. Therefore, the Broderick-Parker family will relocate from their ex West Village apartment to their brand new Central Park residence.  After an entire year of house hunting, the 2 celebrities finally decided to purchase this paramount eight-bedroom home. With a 32-foot long living room and 5 bathrooms, the place seems extremely spacious; hence, the couple’s 3 kids, James, Marion and Tabitha, will have plenty of room to play. The 10.5-foot ceilings, wide opened windows and paramount furnishings, the couple will definitely love their new love nest.

In the beginning, the well renowned Laurie Tisch was interested to sell the house for an initial price of $25.6 million; however, after continuous negotiation it was Sarah Jessica Parker who managed to bought this luxury apartment for $21 million. While the $4.6 million difference might seem nothing for the 45 year old actress, for some people the amount is a fortune. When it comes to style and interior design, the fabulous home is exactly what Parker hunted, since we all know that she loves extravagance.

The old fashioned but classy style of the apartment is certainly the main reason why the couple wanted this home in particular; in addition, its Sex and the City allure will certainly make them happy and contended. Before deciding on this home, rumors have said that Sarah Jessica Parker had her eyes on a former house that belonged to Pop Queen Madonna. However, it seems that Central Park is way more attractive than any other region in New York City.

The beautiful apartment is exactly what Parker sought for her kids. Offering superb views and exceptional decorations, the loft will certainly live up to her expectations. For a world-renowned celebrity it’s never easy to find that perfect but she finally stated that Central Park West is the ultimate location for a permanent residence.

The house is just like Jessica- elegant, fancy and tasteful. Entitled with luxurious facilities, perfect décor and style, the Sex and the City co-star and her famous husband, actor Matthew Broderick, will certainly enjoy their stay.

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