Hayden Christensen’s “Royal Pains” lawsuit losses its bout with federal judge

“Star Wars” actor Hayden Christensen failed to prevail in court when a judge tossed out his suit against the USA Network. Christensen and his older brother, Tove, sued the NBC subsidiary last year claiming that it ripped off their proposal for a TV series about a doctor who makes house calls to the rich and famous. In their suit, the Christensens said that they pitched their plan for “Housecall,” a comedic drama about a “concierge” doctor, in 2005. Which is remarkable like the USA series “Royal Pains ” about a “concierge ” doctor working the Hamptons elite.

The suit claims that a USA exec called it a “fascinating idea,” then the cable network went on to developed its very own own version, called “Royal Pains,” According to the NY Post Manhattan federal Judge Colleen McMahon said the brothers’ breach-of-contract claims were trumped by federal law “concerning materials that are not copyrightable, such as ideas. “The Christensens’ lawyer, David Marek, said: “We are disappointed with the ruling and hope to have it reversed on appeal.”

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